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Eric Sandstrom

Eric Sandstrom

Financial Advisor

I joined Jim and Shari’s team as an Advisor Assistant in July of 2016, and I am now a Financial Advisor. I spent the previous 9 years of my professional career at Philips Healthcare in Bothell, WA where I held numerous positions and aspired for consistent growth and development in my career. I have been an investor since the beginning of my working career, and I thought I could take that experience as an investor and learn to help people with their financial well-being.

I am happily married with two beautiful kids. I enjoy spending time with both sides of my growing family, and I also enjoy outdoor activities and sports throughout the year, including but not limited to: Softball, golf, basketball, football, snowboarding, and hiking.

My goal as a Financial Advisor is to continue to provide excellent service to our clients and to help the next generation to pursue their financial goals and saving for life's adventures. I focus on assisting younger accumulators in planning for their future steps in life, including saving for retirement, monitoring cash flow, buying a home, paying for college education, and insurance needs.

I have helped our team adapt to an ever-changing world while grasping onto new technology that can improve our services provided to our clients. I manage our team’s presence on Social Media and our Website. I also help with executing our Waddell & Reed Wealth Management Site to help ensure a more collaborative Financial Planning experience for our clients.


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