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1. What is it going to cost to meet with us:

There is no cost or obligation for an initial consultation where we discuss and identify your financial goals.  If you decide to work with us the fee will vary depending on the level of service you decide to engage in. Fees will be disclosed at that time.

2. Do we meet with clients or potential clients in the evening:

Yes - we offer appointments Monday - Thursday until 7:15 pm to accommodate clients that need evening appointments.

3. What is the Financial Planning Process:

The financial planning process begins with a meeting to discuss your financial goals and situation.  We take all of your most recent financial information and can create a financial plan customized for you.  After we have completed your financial plan, we present our findings, options and recommendations which have been tailored to fit your particular goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. It truly is your financial plan, not your neighbor's or co-worker's!

4. How often should I meet with my Financial Advisor:

We recommend twice annually but no less than once a year.  We feel it's important to meet twice per year to review goals, investments and reposition investments when appropriate.

5.  How are we paid:

We are paid by Waddell & Reed and receive fees for Financial Planning and Advisory Services and commissions for Financial Products and Insurance.

6.  Once I have applied for Life Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance, what is the approval process:

Approval process is generally 30-45 days.  We have had approvals in as early as two weeks and as long as 3 months.  Approval time varies based on each individual case and situation.  Insurance companies examine several factors based on its underwriting standards and guidelines.  These factors include your current health & physical condition, medical history, occupation, personal habits, vacations, hobbies, age and gender.  We are available to help walk you through the process.

7.  What are Clients and Friends Events:

We host these events 2-3 times per year.  Their purpose is for us to meet your friends and family that you think we can help.  Examples of past events include Wine tasting, Shredding event, Organic Chocolate factory, a presentation about Social Security and an Everett AquaSox game.

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