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Happy Holidays from all of us at GPSS!

Client Centered

Our Team- from left to right: Eric, Julia, Shari, Gail, Jim, and Andrea.

We are thankful for folks like you- folks that want to make a difference in you and your families’ lives!

As some of you may already know, we have added new members to our team — Eric Sandstrom our new Financial Advisor, Andrea Moran who handles our brokerage services and Julia Coar our new assistant. We are excited to welcome them to our Greater Puget Sound Solutions family!

For the New Year, retirement plan contributions are increasing in 2019. They have remained unchanged for the past few years, so we are thrilled for all of us.

Under age 50:                                                    2018                       2019

401(k), 457, TSP, 403(b) plans                     $18,500                 $19,000

Traditional and Roth IRAs                             $5,500                   $6,000  

Age 50 or older with earned income                  2018                       2019

401(k), 457, TSP, 403(b) plans                     $24,500                 $25,000

Traditional and Roth IRAs                             $6,500                   $7,000  

(Income limitations apply. If you want more details relating to Income Eligibility and Phase-out margins, Click Here or visit

Call us if you have automatic bank drafts set up and want us to change your draft amount beginning Jan. 2019 to meet the maximums.

For those of you who this does not apply to, you may not care, but feel free to pass our info along to a family member or friend.

You may have also noticed an increase in our information we provide through our “Greater Puget Sound Solutions” name.  We want to let you know nothing has changed regarding our business with Waddell & Reed, but because our team is growing, we wanted to name ourselves something unique to our region and that “encompasses” our values. GPSS- (see what we did there). We hope you find the information we provide in our Monthly Newsletter, Video of the Month and Market Insights, helpful and educational! We will continue to use our account to send GPSS event invitations and manage RSVPs through the FMG tool, as well.

Just an FYI, when you visit us in our Lynnwood office, Julia may be asking to take your picture to add to our client database profile, so look “pretty”! We will also be asking you to make sure your contact information is correct by handing you an “Update Profile Form” while in our lobby.  This will help our team continue to get to know all of you better!

On behalf of Jim, Shari, Eric, Andrea, Gail, and Julia we want to wish you the happiest of holidays and a New Year of health, happiness, and prosperity!

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